Clearly, God created us to have and enjoy sex. One reason why so many Christian marriages are in trouble is because of conflicting beliefs about sexual intimacy. Many couples struggle with feelings of dissatisfaction, because they have not reached a mutual agreement regarding the frequency and variety of their love making. Some of them have unanswered questions about what is and what is not okay to do sexually as a Christian. Unfortunately, Christian leaders shy away from teaching forthrightly about godly sex between husband and wife. They may refer to marital sex within the context of procreation or as the matrimonial duty of the husband and wife. We hear a lot of teaching on the sin of adultery and the consequences of sex outside of marriage, but rarely do we hear teaching on making love once you are married. Consequently, most married Christians just do what works for them and they may not ever achieve freedom in the marriage bed.

For Christians, making love is an expression of our gratitude to God. Our spouses are a physical representation of God’s love for us. He blessed us with a lifelong partner that loves and accepts us despite our flaws. This type of unconditional acceptance comes from our Creator. When we honor God while making love with our spouse, we experience the ecstasy of total acceptance, supernatural healing in our marriage and the inseparable love of God.