Counseling Services

SERENITY HOME PAGE4No matter how stressful your situation may be or how frustrated you feel, we are here to help you GET UNSTUCK from unhealthy patterns AND TAKE CONFIDENT STEPS TOWARDS A HAPPIER, MORE REWARDING LIFE.


We help hurting people restore peace in their lives, through quality mental health care and spiritual support for individuals, couples and families.


We respect your right to a confidential setting where you can discuss your concerns in a spiritual context. You will achieve a greater sense of well being as you apply biblical principles to heal personal issues.


Licensed and certified by National Board of Certified Counselors and Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and Therapist.


Serenity Pastoral Counseling Center is a fee for service private practice. We set our fees at a reasonable rate so that you will receive quality care at an affordable cost.

Phone Counseling Sessions are available by appointment only..

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